Welcome to Circle Christian School's eLearning Campus!

Circle Christian School’s eLearning Campus, known as the eLC, connects students, parents, and teachers by providing 24 hour access to Circle Christian School’s blended classrooms. In addition to face-to-face class meetings and traditional teaching techniques, instructors expand education beyond the classroom with innovative learning extensions and additional content on the eLC, which mirrors or surpasses the traditional five day model. 

Circle Christian School's eLearning Campus, combined with Circle's university model of education, which allows parents and students to select a schedule in line with typical grade level scope and sequence, creates a perfect partnership between flexibility and structure.

Each course is carefully designed to be academically challenging, meeting or exceeding published standards, while maintaining a solid Christian worldview. Through our courses, we strive to continue encouraging learning, strengthening families, and inspiring legacies for God’s glory.

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